Usually an Optimist

I am usually an optimist. Hope is not just a word. It is a feeling that I have always had deep down in my soul. Unfortunately, I am not feeling too hopeful or optimistic these days. The world it seems has lost its mind.

The day before I left Afghanistan there was a double car bombing at the Indian Embassy. I watched as my friends suffered at the loss of their people, mostly civilians, Indian and Afghan alike. Just days ago, these same groups of individuals collaborated to do more harm. Senseless suicide groups bombed the Marriot in Islamabad killing many civilians and injury far more. In Iraq, most of the killed and injured are civilians.

I am shocked that so few men like Osama bin Laden, Gulbuddin Hekmaytar, Jalaluddin Haqqani and Baitullah Mehsud talk so many people into destroying themselves and others for absolutely no gain. Only fear and some wayward bidding.

Usually I feel optimistic that Americans will lead. I feel that they will delve deep and learn to get to the roots of these problems and help manage them. However, I do not believe this now. Instead, I worry.

I should be excited that we have the opportunity and are smart enough, bold enough to demand new leadership, get to work and regain the status of this country. I am not. I see too many who would prefer to be stuck in the past and allow an Administration, that continues to ignore the reality of their actions, continue to reign.

How is it possible for even one American to reelect the people who have made their lives more expensive, more fearful and more dangerous. The “leaders” we have now increased government spending by 30%, that accumulated the current trillion dollar national debty, that looked the other way while your money was lost.

Those same “leaders” came up with preemption better know as the “Bush Doctrine,” invaded Iraq claiming Weapons of Mass Destruction, which did not exist. Then, sent our kids to die in a drawn out war. Finally, these “leaders” continues to ignore Afghanistan while sending money that is reaching the likes of bin Laden, Haqqani, Mehsud and Hekmaytar via Pakistan. All continue to cause fear and terror.

Usually I am not partisan, but has it escaped us that the Republicans have lead the United States for the last eight years. Yet we just re-elect. And today, the polls are tied and McCain – who voted with this Administration 90% of the time – is not questioned, but followed.

So I watch as people struggle and I watch the deadly outcomes. Then, I ask myself how many more civilians – home and abroad – will pay for our own propensity to look, yet again, the other way.

As we rally behind assurances from those who don’t blink instead of those who actually think, I’m leaning toward a more pessimistic view of the future.

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