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I must say that I am one person who is not conformable with the Saddleback Church, or any other church for that matter, pressuring the Presidential candidates to reveal their religious beliefs. It reminds me of my catholic school days. Just disagreeing with a nun would get you nothing more or less than a crack across the knuckles with the ruler.

Although Senators Obama and McCain got no such treatment from Pastor Rick Warren, I could not help but cringe. What are your morals? What is the worst moral thing you did? Who is the most important person in your life….isn’t it… you know G-d?

Well, do I have to answer that?? My knuckles felt the pain although no one was scolding me this time. It must be some sort of posttraumatic catholic school stress syndrome.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it has always been my feeling that faith is very personal. Isn’t it enough that most of our laws are based on those Ten Commandments? You know the ones. Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal and thou shalt not covet John McCain’s private plane, although deep down I do. Who likes to travel coach with your knees in your face? Not me.

Besides, religion and politics in this country is, according to the constitution, divided. A small detail that this country seems to have forgotten. Case and point: the Saddleback [Evangelist] Forum aired on CNN over and over again this past weekend.

Listen people, if you are going to turn America into a theocracy you should have told me before the Euro skyrocketed, I would have moved to Italy. I was apparently and mistakenly under the impression that Americans are free to choose their religion or even, yes brace yourself, choose to not to belong to one.

Call me crazy, but I would prefer to know what on earth we are going to do to get our soldiers out of Iraq, to invent new and sustainable energy resources, to get out of the recession, to stop weapons of mass destruction and to protect or abused children. How are we going to get people on board to learn to share resources, stop dropping bombs on each other, and cure or prevent Aids and other diseases?

No offense all you evangelical Christians who I know are working hard to make a better world. However, changing the constitution to outlaw abortion is not a national security emergency. Abortions have decreased 9 percent in the last several years – you are winning – now it time for us to have some other conversations with our leaders.

To be clear, I am pro choice. I would prefer that women – who choose – get health care and do not enter dark alleys with hangers. Not a pretty sight. Sincerely folks, I really don’t think any woman wakes up pregnant and says, “Oh my, I think I’ll just go down the street and have an abortion.”

So despite my personal beliefs, I am all for addressing the root causes and our leaders need to ‘lead’ us so we can concentrate on the likes of poverty, heath care, housing or lack there of, education, economic growth and/or stability and less war.

Should I go on?

Here we are asking these two candidates about morality as we sit by and watch thousands in the US lose their homes, thousands die in places like Darfur and children, one every few seconds, die due to starvation.

Personally, I ask myself, are we moral enough to start questioning others about their faith? Or is it more like we elect others so we don’t have to deal with it. Then we can blame them – for taxes, for gas prices, for the deficit, for starvation, for losing our homes and for a trillion dollar senseless and endless war. I am sure I missed something.

Think about it.

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