Ramadan: A Time for Peace or Another Month of War?

After being embroiled in years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, most Americans have now heard of Islam’s holiest month, Ramadan, which began on August 22nd this year. (Note: Ramadan is based on the position of the moon and may differ depending on time zone, so some mark the first day as the 21st. The holiday ends on September 19/20 on Eid Al-Fitr, or the Festive of Fast-Breaking). During this month, Muslims around the world observe a month of prayer and fasting. Like the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur or the Christian Easter, Ramadan stresses empathy and compassion and encourages reflection of the self, an understanding of how one has behaved in the past and how one can atone and become a better person for the future.

Read the full article here The WIP (Women’s International Perspective).

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