McCain’s Failed Stand

I must say that the McCain campaign certainly has a good spin-doctor. I just can’t believe anyone out there would buy it. John McCain is clearly bringing the Presidential campaign home to the Congress. His announcement today to delay his campaign and the debate sounds desperate not pressing.

“He looked like what he was saying was urgent,” said a CNN anchor. The only time John McCain has every looked like he something was “urgent” was when he was trying to get his running mate off the stage so the reporters couldn’t ask any questions.

“He is demonstrating that he is with the average American,” cry the pundits, but they forget to mention McCain is loosing ground in the polls. How timely.

Any trust he fostered or desire he had to keep partisan politics out of the dire crisis is now defunct. Thanks to him, Congress is arguing among themselves about him instead of discussing the Fed’s solution to our country’s financial meltdown.

Hmm, didn’t McCain know this was going to happen? Congress has been bickering for eight years, where has he been? Furthermore, what was he thinking or not. I am sure though he probably wasn’t blinking.

The bottom line here is that if 98 senators and 435 representatives can’t get it together to pass the Fed’s proposals adding two more to the mix won’t make much of a difference. Their presence is not going to make Congress work, as has now been demonstrated. It has only made more partisanship and matters worse.

We the people need to tell our representatives we are just not buying this and they need to get to work. If the members of Congress can’t lead themselves through this crisis, they need to lead themselves right out of Washington. Political pandering won’t bring anyone out of this one and neither will the delay of a much anticipated debate.

Maybe McCain and company just are not ready.

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