Israeli Isolation and Palestinian Pockets at the UN

Palestinian officials are poised to request that the United Nations recognize them as a State. It is very similar to the unilateral declaration that Israel made in 1948. Unfortunately, Israel, and its best friend America, are doing everything than can to stop them. They are claiming that this Palestinian State should not move forward under any other auspices than negotiation. The only problem is that they have been negotiating for over 50 years and have gotten nothing but less land, diminished rights, bulldozed homes and uprooted olive trees.

In 1948 Israel also declared themselves a country in similar fashion, which apparently we all seem to forget, despite the fact that in 1947 there was a UN partition plan for two States. It also failed to implement another UN agreement, resolution 242, on November 1967 to withdrawal from the occupied territories. In essence, the Israeli government ignored those mandates then and continues to ignore them now.

At this point, there is really nothing left to negotiate. Any two state solution is over. Israel has seen to this by systematically settling over 600,000 people on what is considered by all nations other than Israel to be Palestinian land. Currently there are nothing more than Palestinian pockets surrounded by Israeli settlements, checkpoints and roads.

The ongoing drama that is being perpetuated by the US and Israel will get the parties nowhere. The reality, however, will no longer be brushed under the rug. The Palestinians know this is their last effort to push for a State. In response, Israel’s true colors will shine. Israel is already training militias in the West Bank providing settlers with all kinds of small arms in preparation for more violence not peace. They are also moving to, as Israeli Knesset Member Danny Danon said, “annex the West Bank.” And for this illegal act, the Israeli government wants full US support. The really disturbing part is that they will get it. In addition, in the mist of large scale democratic change in the Arab States, Israel will become the tyrant not any Arab leader. The Arab Spring is bringing democratic change while Israel is hunkering down for a violent winter.

As usual, America will abdicate its power. The US Congress and every GOP candidate beginning with Rick Perry are with them and, dare I say, against the President of the United States who, I remind you, has continued the same US policy since Truman. What US policy you ask? It has been and remains a two state solution. (Really! How dare a US presidential candidate move so far as to reject America and represent a foreign country).

Of course we all know the reality. It is political suicide to go against anything Israel even it if serves American interests. The ongoing support of $3 billion dollars a year with economic and housing supports coupled with extra arms and petrol here and there will no doubt never end despite the ongoing chomping at the hand that feeds them.

It is a sad day for America. Yes, although its independence to make policy in the region has been handed over to an Israeli sway long ago, the simple act of a UN veto against a Palestinian State will surely show the depth of its weakness. America has lost much of it influence. This will be illuminated by failing to stand up and do what is morally right by voting yes for Palestine – securing not one, but two States and two peoples. Instead, the US can do nothing more than bow to the pressure of a tiny belligerent nation that no longer seems to be a loyal friend.

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