Hillary Clinton Sends a Message to the Middle East: No change necessary.

I was on Hannity and Colmes some time ago when Sean Hannity asked me if Israel would got to war ‘again’ with its neighbors. I was so nervous – it was my first time on national television – that I said something like “I hope it never does.” What I should have said was”excuse me Mr. Hannity, but I was under the impression that Israel is still at war with its neighbors and has been since its very existence.”

Hindsight is twenty-twenty and I for one learned my lesson. It is too bad though that the Obama Administration and the current Secretary of State never learned theirs.

I just don’t get how we can keep ignoring that the Middle East is at war with itself and various neighbors. Further, I don’t get how we can keep trying to stop the war with the same old war stopping formula.

AND the same people.

James Steinberg, Dan Kurtzer, Dan Shapiro, Martin Indyk and Dennis Ross (who has already been reported to be discussing his Iranian talking points with the soon to be Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu instead of the American President Obama? Hmm.) – all former Clinton envoys or Ambassadors to Israel – are all working with George Mitchell on the ‘pandering one party” process for peace?

Well, we certainly have enough Jewish Americans on the job. However I’m confused – Where are the Iranian Americans? Arab-Americans? Muslim and Christian Americans? (Ok so George Mitchell is half Lebanese and Christian). Further, where are the women? New people?

Where are the new ideas for that matter?

Here we go again no negotiating with Hamas, Hezbollah or a mouse that may have said someting interpreted by someone in AIPAC to be anti-Israeli or pro-Palestinian.

We want a two State with no settlement or land confiscation halted in what is supposed to be the Palestinian state. As for the Palestinian houses soon to be demolished in Jerusalem “unhelpful” said SecState Clinton. Unhelpful? It is down right disturbing. If Israel is so concerned about illegal housing, it should do the same to thousands of new settlements and outposts who apparently are not subject to the same permit required laws and shall remain erect and inhabited.

People what are we thinking? It is time for new ideas, new thoughts, new people, and new rules. Everybody must be required to tow the same line and stop the violence. Clinton said “bombing was at the very crux of the problem.” The only problem with that was that she didn’t mention the continued strikes by Israel just those perpetuated by the other side.

This should not be called the “Roadmap to Peace,” it should be called the “Roadmap to Failure” and the bumper sticker should read ‘no one bothered looking at the past, thus the crash.’

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