US Foreign Policy

Mr. President, Take a Firm Lead in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is now in its ninth year and it is really difficult to find any positive change. Leadership is lacking, and though the President and his cabinet inherited this war, their approach is strikingly unchanged: more troops, little oversight and minimal planning. Further, despite a much needed domestic reminder that America is …

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WikiLeaks: Why aren’t heads rolling?

The approximately 91,000 reports from the war in Afghanistan that were leaked to caused cries of outrage. Unfortunately this outrage was for all the wrong reasons. Headlines read “Pakistan helping Taliban,” “The [Afghan] war takes a hit,” and the like. What they should have read is “Heads Role” and “WikiLeaks: Founder and Leaker arrested …

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Bombers and Boomers: Everyone’s Angry at the US Government

At the time of Shahzad’s arrest, a group of nine Americans from the Hutaree Christian militia group were being charged with actions similar to those of Shahzad — conspiracy to commit sedition and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction. They were also charged with intent to kill a police officer and then detonate improvised explosive devices at the officer’s funeral in the hope of slaying scores of police officers in attendance and starting a “war” against the government.