A week of weakness…

This week the Afghan government is still weak, the Pakistani government is weaker and the US government still thinks our American brains are weakest.

Today we heard again that Iran “may” be closer than we thought to a nuclear weapon. They probably, might be, could be, may possibly be closer than we may possibly or probably thought, maybe. I for one thought we were moving away from the ‘we need an enemy at all times’ theme of American foreign policy. Unfortunately that is not the case and if we couldn’t drum up our own foes quick enough, we have Israel helping us.

Sources say they are putting lots of pressure on the US to go after Iran who may or may not, might have or not a nuclear weapon. Just like Iraq I might add.

The US must be careful. It is already in two wars. Both I might add are on the border of Iran. The US military is already stretched and most of the middle east is already mad at us.

American must understand the international relations is not easy and bombs and guns don’t always to the trick. The history of the world as well as its cultures, tendencies and traumas must be taken into account in order to even begin to make change.

Our world, although it would make matters very simple, is not black and white. Believe it our not people have different ideas, experiences and understandings of the inter workings of communities, nations and regions around the globe.

Americans must be strong in mind and values and work harder to understand others. It is definitely tempting to always exploit those who are weak, but that just shows you too are not in the least bit strong.

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