Lectures 2007-2009:

Afghanistan: Challenges for the New Administration, World Policy Institute, New York

The Future of NATO: The Case of Afghanistan, II Forum on Euroatlantic Security, Krakow, Poland

International Security Strategies: Case study of Afghanistan, United States Military Academy, New York

The War in Iraq and the Future of US Foreign Policy, Multinational Institute of American Studies and the Fulbright Institute on the Civilization of the United States, New York University

Small Arms Control: Obstacles to Attaining Effective Policy, The NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security and Global Action to Prevent War, New York

Re-Imagining American
Foreign Policy, Rutgers University



Challenges for Civil and Military Teams in a Time of War, (forthcoming)

Creating Democratic Value: Evaluating Efforts to Promote Democracy Abroad: Case Study: Dimension of Democracy in Afghanistan: Strengthening the Legislature, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Costa Rica Case Study: Abandoning the Military Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Publication date October 2007)

Research Areas:

Integrating US foreign policy tools.

Managing Civil-Military Relations in War Zones

Patricia DeGennaro

International Affairs Specialist

Areas of Specialization

US Foreign Policy / International Security / Civil Military Affairs / Military Policy / Wartime and Post-Conflict Transition

Regions of Specialization

Middle East / South Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India) / Balkans

Foreign Languages

Fluent Albanian. Knowledge of Arabic, Dari, and Italian.

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