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President Obama: Afghanistan Needs More Than a Military Solution

Because the military has become the “go-to” choice for conducting US foreign policy, it’s no wonder General McChrystal felt he could (and should) go directly to the Europeans to plead the case for his Afghanistan plan. The civil service no longer has the capacity to perform its national security duties, so the military has stepped […]

Call a Jirga not a Runoff in Afghanistan

If the U.S. and international community are serious about this intervention and having any kind of political success (and less war) in Afghanistan, it should call a Loya Jirga, or a “grand assembly”. Read the full article here The Huffington Post.

Troops or no more troops in Afghanistan?

The current beltway dialogue is focused on the request by General Stanley McCrystal to send another 40,000 troops to Afghanistan. President Obama is meeting with Congressional representatives, Administration appointees and experts to determine if he should up the battle anti or stand pat yet there still is not a formal strategy. Is it stability, counterinsurgency, […]