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Tricia on CNN: Israeli Ground Troops in Gaza

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Will NATO Agree to Stabilize Afghanistan?

This year, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrates its 60th birthday. President Obama will take his first European trip since the presidential campaign to meet NATO’s twenty-six members. While there, he’ll have to pinch every last pressure point to induce the other members to “step up to the plate” in Afghanistan. Read the full article […]

Engaging the Muslim World

I joined the dialogue to discuss Juan Cole’s new book Engaging the Muslim World on TPMCafe Book Club I highly recommend the book! Engaging the Muslim World: What are we waiting for? I, for one, welcome Cole’s book. It talks about engaging people and understanding them for who they are not who we believe them […]

A week of weakness…

This week the Afghan government is still weak, the Pakistani government is weaker and the US government still thinks our American brains are weakest. Today we heard again that Iran “may” be closer than we thought to a nuclear weapon. They probably, might be, could be, may possibly be closer than we may possibly or […]

The Two-State "Solution" is No Solution

The “Two-State” rhetoric currently being pushed by the U.S. and its international allies neither ensures Israeli security or Palestinian self-determination. Much to everyone’s dismay, their destinies are intertwined. Israelis have not, and will not, allow Palestinians to govern their own borders, airspace or — as history has shown — democratic process. The only solution is […]