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Palin Power(less)

No one can argue against the need for a strong foreign policy. As a nation, we face challenges ranging from terrorism and climate change to the enduring wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. None of these problems can be solved without building a better relationship with the rest of the world. None can be solved without […]

McCain's Failed Stand

I must say that the McCain campaign certainly has a good spin-doctor. I just can’t believe anyone out there would buy it. John McCain is clearly bringing the Presidential campaign home to the Congress. His announcement today to delay his campaign and the debate sounds desperate not pressing. “He looked like what he was saying […]

Usually an Optimist

I am usually an optimist. Hope is not just a word. It is a feeling that I have always had deep down in my soul. Unfortunately, I am not feeling too hopeful or optimistic these days. The world it seems has lost its mind. The day before I left Afghanistan there was a double car […]

Another September 11th

And so we pass yet another September 11th. It has been seven years since two planes tore into the twin towers at the World Trade Center in New York. Seven years after another plane collided into the Pentagon and seven years after Todd Beamer uttered, “let’s roll” in a failed, but extremely brave, attempt to […]

Aimless Air Strikes in Afghanistan

Today media sources revealed that US investigators are looking into a deadly raid conducted by US forces in the Afghan city of Herat. Afghans allege that over 90 civilians were killed in this raid, sixty of them children. US military investigators claim they found seven dead militants. The military’s refusal to acknowledge the civilian deaths […]