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Governor Sarah Who?

I got up this morning hoping to talk about the success of the Democratic National Convention. Let’s face it, it was one of the most moving experiences this nation has had in sometime and it was no doubt historical. With anticipation I try to focus after a quick cup of coffee. To my surprise there […]

The H Factor: Could Hillary Clinton save Women?

Like most political wonks, I’m spending my week watching the Democratic National Convention and, like most Obama supporters, I am tired of hearing all the hoopla around Hillary Clinton. After all, whose convention is this anyway? It is certainly not hers, but in true Clinton fashion she is not opposed in the least to having […]

Saddleback Forum – Faith and Politics

I must say that I am one person who is not conformable with the Saddleback Church, or any other church for that matter, pressuring the Presidential candidates to reveal their religious beliefs. It reminds me of my catholic school days. Just disagreeing with a nun would get you nothing more or less than a crack […]

Good Morning Heartache – Ossetia

After a brief appearance on Al Jazeera, I was walking out of the studio feeling relieved until I briefly reviewed the interview in my head. I suddenly realized that I had actually made a statement in the second question that contradicted my initial message about America’s foreign policy strategy in the “War on Terror.” As […]