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All Eyes on Afghanistan: What Should Barack Obama Do?

Many different interests vie for supremacy in Afghanistan, and the new administration must stimulate an honest discussion among the stakeholders. Left out of discussions so far has been consultation with the Afghan people themselves.. I recently taught a class at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, where students were assigned various roles simulating democracy-building […]

Senator Clinton as Secretary of State?

There are rumors that President-elect Obama is vetting Senator Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Taking Clinton out of the Senate and putting her in this position would be a major loss for New York, and no gain for Obama’s foreign policy team. It is true that Clinton has met many international leaders – mostly […]

Voting is not enough: Americans need to get and remain engaged!

Today, like millions of Americans, I exercised my constitutional right to vote. I have to say, although I waited just about an hour, I am proud to exercise my right and privilege as an American. My voice joins the chorus of so many others. I am able to participate in choosing who will represent us […]

Presidential Debate Number 2 Redo

Last night’s Presidential debate was a rehash of the same old. Senators Obama and McCain pretty much just repeated the same things they said last time. Although I somehow understand that we all have to repeat ourselves, personally I get kind of tired of reruns. Obama to his credit tried to add a few extra […]

Tricia on the Laura Flanders Show

Me and Robert Fisk on GritTV! Check it out. GRITtv with Laura Flanders airs Mon-Thurs, at 8pm & 1 am ET, on Free Speech TV (DISH Network ch. 9415), on public stations and online at and