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Can You Say “Nuclear?”

or many Baby Boomers, the words “nuclear weapons” conjure memories of air raid drills, during which sirens boomed over intercoms as teachers shooed their pupils underneath desks. Duck and cover! At any moment, Russian bombers might seed the land with mushroom clouds!
Of course, Soviet bombers never did streak across our skies. The enemy has changed

The Dubai Deal Was it really security or misguided revenge?

Immediately after Congress nixed the Dubai ports deal, House Speaker Dennis Hastert announced that he would push through legislation to block any company with Dubai interests from running US ports. This legislation would stop DP World from “encroaching on American security,” was the reason.
I found myself to be a bit shocked and awed. Congress was finally speaking up. Five years after 9-11 Congress somehow found their lost voice. It is a concern, however, that this voice seems to be riding high on fear and xenophobia and the Arab company DP World is the target.