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Peace in the Middle East? Maybe, That Is If the West Stopped Sitting On the Sidelines!

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The Dark Side

The Dark Side, a Frontline documentary recently broadcast on PBS, is the latest exposé to shed light on how the Bush Administration, led by “Lord Cheney,” duped the American public into supporting the invasion of Iraq – a war that has now cost the lives of 2,500 U.S. soldiers and approximately 40,000 Iraqis. I’m ashamed, infuriated and saddened by the extent of the deceit.

The Crumbling Congress

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If the members are to know nothing but what is important enough to be put into a public message and indifferent enough to be made known to all the world; if the executive is to keep all other information to himself and the House to plunge on in the dark, it […]

Antiquated Existence

All this talk about oil dependency got me thinking about other global problems that our legislators make superficial efforts to fix. Thanks to constituents’ indifference and populist sentiment, political leaders apply band-aids instead of searching for comprehensive, long-term solutions.
Oil dependency, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, global warming, AIDS, widespread hunger, 16,119 species in danger of extinction, terrorism and genocide are large scale challenges that most people wish would just go away. Unfortunately they do not. That’s why it’s imperative

Debating “The Lobby”

As a professor of international affairs and a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, I felt obliged to actually read “The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” which was posted on a Harvard website. I’ve also read much of the negative press about this academic paper and its authors, professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer.
Whether you believe the paper is repulsive or revelatory, its arguments are legitimate grounds for a rational discussion. Twenty years ago, 12 former U.S. officials voiced concerns about this very subject in a book entitled They Dare to Speak Out by veteran Congressman Paul Findley. At that time, people were not ready to engage in an unbiased discussion of the topic. It seems little has changed.