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Today’s Take – As the World Turns

This week’s earthquake is all but a distant memory. After covering it incessantly for several hours, showing the horror of the tremor that knocked chairs over and shook the CNN newsroom, most news stations went back to their continuous coverage of “the almost fallen” “yet to fall” “inevitable fall” of Qaddafi and his regime in […]

My New Year's Resolution: No to Nicking Knickers

This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post. Remember when your mother told you to put on clean underwear when you travel? Well my advice is to just ‘forgettaboutit” and take the Brittney Spears route — go without. Thanks to twenty-three year old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, not only will your water bottle be confiscated […]

Clip of me on Eldridge & Company

See the program here Eldridge & Company.

Afghanistan: Casualties of War – Is it worth it?

Every military commander has echoed the words of US defense secretary Gates, the current wars “can not be won militarily.” The solution, they say, is political and will take a massive civilian and diplomatic effort. Yet, the US keeps raising the military stakes and strikes, particularly in Afghanistan. In April alone the US military reportedly […]

Engaging the Muslim World

I joined the dialogue to discuss Juan Cole’s new book Engaging the Muslim World on TPMCafe Book Club I highly recommend the book! Engaging the Muslim World: What are we waiting for? I, for one, welcome Cole’s book. It talks about engaging people and understanding them for who they are not who we believe them […]