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Today’s Take – As the World Turns

This week’s earthquake is all but a distant memory. After covering it incessantly for several hours, showing the horror of the tremor that knocked chairs over and shook the CNN newsroom, most news stations went back to their continuous coverage of “the almost fallen” “yet to fall” “inevitable fall” of Qaddafi and his regime in […]

Today’s Take – Muddle in the Middle East, GOP Gods and more…

The Muddled Middle East We start today with the news that one more repressive government, this time in Libya, is gone – well more or less. So far it seems as though The National Transition Council (NTC) spokesperson Mustafa Adel Jalil, is in control control and saying all the right things about equality, peace, justice […]

Tricia on CNN: Israeli Ground Troops in Gaza

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Will NATO Agree to Stabilize Afghanistan?

This year, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrates its 60th birthday. President Obama will take his first European trip since the presidential campaign to meet NATO’s twenty-six members. While there, he’ll have to pinch every last pressure point to induce the other members to “step up to the plate” in Afghanistan. Read the full article […]

From Iraq to Afghanistan: Out of One Occupation and into Another

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