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To go or NOT to go to war with Iran

Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, is on his way to the United States to argue, again, for a war with Iran. Plenty of US officials including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have also been in Israel to discuss […]

Mideast Solutions Require International Resolve, Not Rants

Because the UN has long served as a valve for venting hot air, it came as no surprise when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Benjamin Netanyahu administered high doses of hypocrisy and self-righteousness to the General Assembly. We can only hope, when it comes to Iranian nukes and Israeli settlements, that world leaders ignore the bloviating (for […]

Israeli soldiers fire at Al Jazeera correspondent

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises to halt settlements, but continues them anyway in direct defiance of US requests. The US must take stronger action against the policies in Israel. It is not only US policy to solve this conflict, but it is in US interests as well. Palestinians are finally showing signs of peaceful […]

Hillary Clinton Sends a Message to the Middle East: No change necessary.

I was on Hannity and Colmes some time ago when Sean Hannity asked me if Israel would got to war ‘again’ with its neighbors. I was so nervous – it was my first time on national television – that I said something like “I hope it never does.” What I should have said was”excuse me […]