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Diplomacy Is the Way To Beat the ‘Islamic State’

During the short drive from Beirut toward Damascus, our taxi turned off the road and pulled into a refugee camp in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. As a journalist and academic who writes about international security, I wanted to see the refugee situation I had read about for myself. I watched as a truckload of women […]

Today’s Take: Ten years after 9/11: Will we ever get beyond war?

It is often hard to gauge how a person will react during a crisis let alone one like September 11th. After such a destructive and devastating event, a person’s first instinct is to fight back hard and fast making whoever is in the way feel the agony. Punishment or revenge no matter who it affects […]

Ramadan: A Time for Peace or Another Month of War?

After being embroiled in years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, most Americans have now heard of Islam’s holiest month, Ramadan, which began on August 22nd this year. (Note: Ramadan is based on the position of the moon and may differ depending on time zone, so some mark the first day as the 21st. The […]

Clip of me on Eldridge & Company

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Who is playing God?

I am a bit sad today. It gets tiring watching the rise in intolerance and anger that is happening in the world. Today, I read about two paragraphs about the people who died in the hospitals because they could not be evacuated during hurricane Katrina. The story was in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. I […]