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War, Weapons, and Secretary Clinton on Eggs and Tomatoes in Syria

US Condemns Attack on Envoy in Syria reports Al Jazeera. “More violence!” I thought. Apparently Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared my initial shock declaring, “We condemn this unwarranted attack in the strongest possible terms.” Whew, that is intense, but then I found out the envoy was “attacked” by eggs and tomatoes. The American Ambassador, […]

Michele Bachmann’s (and Rick Perry’s) Bogeyman

“We are confident that no one can harm us if God is with us….there is nothing more we can do except depend on almighty God. If a person does, then he is assured that the Almighty will help him, have mercy on him and he will succeed.” Yes, this does in fact sound like Presidential […]

Saddleback Forum – Faith and Politics

I must say that I am one person who is not conformable with the Saddleback Church, or any other church for that matter, pressuring the Presidential candidates to reveal their religious beliefs. It reminds me of my catholic school days. Just disagreeing with a nun would get you nothing more or less than a crack […]