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Today’s Take – Muddle in the Middle East, GOP Gods and more…

The Muddled Middle East We start today with the news that one more repressive government, this time in Libya, is gone – well more or less. So far it seems as though The National Transition Council (NTC) spokesperson Mustafa Adel Jalil, is in control control and saying all the right things about equality, peace, justice […]

Voting is not enough: Americans need to get and remain engaged!

Today, like millions of Americans, I exercised my constitutional right to vote. I have to say, although I waited just about an hour, I am proud to exercise my right and privilege as an American. My voice joins the chorus of so many others. I am able to participate in choosing who will represent us […]

Usually an Optimist

I am usually an optimist. Hope is not just a word. It is a feeling that I have always had deep down in my soul. Unfortunately, I am not feeling too hopeful or optimistic these days. The world it seems has lost its mind. The day before I left Afghanistan there was a double car […]