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Finally, there's Hillary!

I have to say, I forgot she had it in her. This brought a smile to my face. An exhausted Secretary of State Clinton who was learning of all the horrific and despicable ways the Congolese where treating women, girls and boys. One really can’t blame her for getting testy. Not to mention the fact […]

Saving Afghan Women from the "Liberators"

The Obama Administration acts as though George Bush abandoned Afghanistan for Iraq and, therefore, an infusion of troops and money will solve the country’s massive problems. But, argues the author, the international community is already engaged and intent on supporting Afghan women. Lasting change must come at the hands of Afghan women themselves—and Afghan men. […]

Afghan Women to Obama: We Must Be at the Table!

United States President Barak Obama unveiled his new strategy for Afghanistan last week. In it he pledged both military and civil support to Afghanistan. “And,” he went out of his way to say, “we will continue to support the basic human rights of all Afghans—including women and girls.” Despite this, Afghan women continue to be […]

Three Cups of Tea and Hillary

Americans want to do business upfront, then maybe they will find time for a bit of pleasure. This is because most are impatient and want the deal done. The priority is to do the work, then relax and get to know the people across the aisle or maybe not. Knowing the other is more often […]

Tricia on the Laura Flanders Show

Me and Robert Fisk on GritTV! Check it out. GRITtv with Laura Flanders airs Mon-Thurs, at 8pm & 1 am ET, on Free Speech TV (DISH Network ch. 9415), on public stations and online at and