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Afghanistan: Time To End This War

Western officials are hoping the violent outburst after the careless Koran burning at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan will not happen again. Despite their deepest desires there is no doubt that it will. This was not the first furious demonstration against the U.S. and its NATO partners, who Afghans consider occupiers, and it definitely will […]

Waste More, Want More: America's Afghan Solution

This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post. In a time of economic hardship you can bet your bippy that everyone out there could use a little extra cash. Sorry though, you will not be getting any. No, don’t be silly, it is not because the big banks are getting another humongous cash bail […]

Afghan Policy Remains in the Dark Ages

This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post. Shoot ‘em, whack ‘em, bomb ‘em. Are we not tired of this type of approach? It’s like a perpetual sequel of The Terminator. Let’s face it, President Obama gave a fairly strong speech. No, it wasn’t great. However, this is not because the President lacks commitment […]